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【保護ペット マッチングサイト OPEN!】

Cotoha was founded in November 2015. It is a journey that began 10 years ago to getto this point.
I remember at that time informing people of the existence of sheltered cats and dogs and wondered what to do to provide them with a new family.
Also while living in various countries, I wondered how to make more people aware of the greatness of traditional Japanese arts, a culture which is seeing a decline in future artisans.
Cotoha was born when these two ideas in mind came together. A brand for dogs which makes use of traditional crafts.
3 to 15% of profits(depending on the product)will go towards the COTOHA project devoted to promote awareness.
Our target and collected funds will be made clear and will continue until our aim is realized.
It is our promise to continue to offer a service and products that provide happiness to pets and their owners alike.